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Insurance for Car Rentals

If you are in an accident and are at fault, your insurance company pays for the damages to the other person’s vehicle and bodily injury (if any). If you have collision coverage, the cost of repairs for your own vehicle will be paid as well. That is why having a good auto insurance policy is so important. Cars can be dangerous and have incredible power. It’s important to be protected in case of an accident, but if you need to rent a car, how does this work with auto insurance?

Who covers the rental?

It can sometimes take a substantial amount of time to repair a vehicle that has been in a wreck. Until you get it back, you likely will need another car to drive. Usually, this means a rental car. Some auto insurance companies will actually cover the cost of a rental car until you get your vehicle back. This isn’t always the case, so give your insurance agent a call, or shoot them an email.

Basic auto insurance policies don’t usually include car rentals. This means you will likely need to get a better policy, or add car rentals as an option on your premium. Some insurance policies have a time limit on how long they will pay for a rental. The insurance company can also help with booking the vehicle.

If you are particular about the car you drive, check to make sure the rental car provided is what you desire. The less expensive policies will not include high-end vehicles. If you would like a luxury vehicle, make sure it’s an option on your auto insurance policy.

Something else that can be very helpful is roadside assistance. This option may be included in your auto insurance policy. When you have a flat tire, run out of gas, or lock your keys in your car, roadside assistance is there to help you. In some cases, towing could be included as will. Know your policy, and have the information you need in case you do need some extra assistance.

Every car insurance company has different products and offerings. Understanding them all can be incredibly complex. There are many caveats and exceptions to rentals. For example, if your car repairs are taking much longer than expected, the auto body shop might cover the rental vehicle.  Body and repair shops are usually pretty vague about what they cover, but it is worth asking. Obviously, if you are in a wreck and not the party at fault, the other insurance company will cover the cost of a rental vehicle. Just know that this may take more time to get resolved.

As always, if you ever have any questions about rental car insurance or want to change something with your policy, give Wetzel Insurance Agency a call.