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RV Insurance Premiums

Winter is a popular time of year to go to Florida. Many people take an RV down to stay at one of the many campgrounds. Whether this is your first RV or you’ve owned one for many years, there are some aspects of an RV insurance policy you should know. The premiums are affected by many different elements. The state you live in actually effects the pricing. The cheapest average motorhome insurance for a state is North Carolina, whereas Michigan is the most expensive. Obviously, you can’t easily change where you live, so here are the other factors that could affect your premium.

1.       The type of RV you own.
There are many different types of RVs. The class A is the type of motorhome where it is all one body and you drive inside of it. The Class C looks like a truck/van cab with part of the RV hanging over it. Class B’s are motorhomes that are built out of a van, or the same size as a van. These are the three major versions of drivable motorhomes. Fifth wheels and pull behinds are trailers, and require another vehicle to pull them. With so many models, brands, and sizes, getting one standard price for RV insurance isn’t possible. You will need to know the model in order to get an accurate quote for insurance.

2.       Age and condition.
If you have two RVs that are the same model and brand, but one is much older, that will drastically affect the premium on your insurance.

3.       Driving experience.
This may be obvious, but driving an RV is much more difficult than a car. Some RVs are 45 feet long, which gives motorhomes a long wheel base, making turning much more difficult. Also, you can’t fit an RV everywhere that a smaller car or van can. For example, not all bridges will allow taller vehicles underneath them. Blind spots are much larger in a big motorhome as well. A more experienced driver is less risky and easier to insure.

4.       Driving history
This factor applies to any type of driving, and is just as important for motorhome insurance. If you have had multiple accidents or tickets, you should expect higher insurance premiums.

5.       Where you live
If you live in an area that has a higher probability of theft or accident, your premium will probably be higher. If you live somewhere that has severe weather often, this can also affect your insurance.

6.       Usage
Generally, the more you use your RV, the more insurance costs will be. If you only use it occasionally, the risk that something will happen goes down. If you drive it thousands of miles a year or for months on end, the chance that you will have an accident goes up.

7.       Full time
If you live in a motorhome full time, your insurance policy will need to be similar to a homeowners insurance policy. This is because you will have must of your belongings in your RV.  

These are not all of the factors that come into effect when purchasing motorhome insurance, but should give you an idea of the common and simple aspects. RVing can be a blast, and is a great way to see the country and get to some warmer climates. Talk to your insurance agent to find out what you need in order to have the proper coverage.