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Protecting your Boat

With all of the large storms we have had over the last week or two, we thought it would be good to address how to protect your boat! Although nature can be unpredictable, here are some ideas on how to keep your boat safe by preparing it ahead of time:

Take it Out!

Statistically, your boat is safer during a storm when it is out of water than when it is in. Especially if you have a boat on the ocean or a large lake. The surge from waves can destroy many boats. A boat on a lake can also be damaged from rough water, so pulling it out and storing it somewhere safe can protect your boat from these types of damages.

Secure Your Boat

If you decide to pull your boat out of the water, make sure you secure it on shore. High speed winds can still damage a boat easily when it’s out of the water. If it is not being stored inside, make sure you use straps to secure it to something. If possible, it’s best to store it in a building.

Reduce Windage

Normally you can leave a boat in the water during most storms. Just make sure to remove anything that can catch the wind, as this can cause a boat to move or damage it. Some types of boats will have more issues with this than others.

Choose a Good Marina

If you store your boat at a marina, make sure that it is a good location. You want to make sure that it is sheltered well, so that your boat won’t be damaged by surge. Many marinas are protected by land, so they shouldn’t be an issue. If you have a boat on the ocean, then there are other factors to consider.

A boat is a substantial investment in many cases. Protect your investment by applying the above suggestions and make sure you have a boater’s insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance won’t cover damages to your boat if it isn’t on your own land.