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Fire Extinguisher Tips

A fire can be devastating to both a home and a business; however, many fires can be prevented by having easy access to a fire extinguisher. Many people have fire extinguishers, but often times they are old and no longer work (or don’t work correctly). Every year there are nearly 31 thousand cooking fires, which cost over $56 million in damages. Unintentional or careless fires cause 10,900 fires each year and add up to an expense of $531 million. Fires can be deadly and costly. Here are some fire extinguisher maintenance tips to help keep you and your home safe.

The National Fire Protection Association fire code states that “a fire extinguisher should be subjected to maintenance at least once a year and no further than 1 year apart.” Also, the code requires a tag to be included that shows whoever performed the maintenance from a professional company.

A simple acronym to remember when using a fire extinguisher is PASS.

Pull the pin

Aim the nozzle at the fire from a distance that is safe.

Squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguisher.

Sweep the hose back and forth until the fire is out. Start at the base of the fire and move forward until the fire diminishes. Be prepared in case the fire restarts.

If you do have to ever use a fire extinguisher, make sure you are aware of where your emergency exits are. If the fire was unable to control, you need to be able to get out safely. Also, never turn your back on a fire. Always call 911 in any fire situation, since they can grow quickly and get out of control.

Make sure your business has a plan in case of a fire and has extinguishers that are properly maintained.