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Common Insurance Claim Mistakes After Storms

There have been some large storms in the northern Indiana area over the last few weeks. With wind speeds over 60mph, many homes were damaged. Your homeowner’s insurance policy is there to protect your home in the event of a tree falling and hitting your home, missing shingles, lightning strikes, etc. If you ever do have something happen to your home during a storm, here are some mistakes to avoid. If you do make one of the mistakes mentioned, it can often hold up the process of getting your claim.

1.       Not Documenting the Damage Correctly

Before you start cleaning up, document the damages. If the damage is severe enough, the insurer will send out an adjuster to inspect the damage. Even if they do, it’s still a good idea to take pictures of everything that is damaged. If you lose some shingles and don’t take pictures of it, the chances of you getting it covered is very unlikely.

 2.       Waiting Too Long to Submit a Claim

When a large storm goes through an area, your claims should be submitted quickly. If you wait too long to submit your claim, it can raise suspicion. If you want your claim to be approved quickly and with a small amount of issues, submit it right after the event happens.

 3.       Making your Own Repairs

If something happened to your home, it might be your first instinct to fix it immediately; however, you might want to reconsider that thought before tackling your DIY project. This gives the insurance adjuster an impression that the problem is less severe, and it may affect the amount of money you receive to fix the issue. Wait to fix anything until the insurance company has determined what the damages are.

 4.       Deposit a Check, Even if Disputed

A common mistake is to instantly deposit the check you received from an insurance company. This is fine if amount you receive is correct, but if you have any sort of dispute with the amount, wait to deposit it. Talk to your insurance agent or give Wetzel Insurance Agency a call, so we can help you with any problems you’re having.

 Those are the top four mistakes that people make with insurance claims after storm damages. Always contact your insurance agent if you are unsure of what to do. We are always here to help!