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7 Boating Safety Tips

We are in the middle of the summer right now, and with the wonderful weather, we are able enjoy the local lakes! In Kosciusko County, there are dozens of lakes. That means lots of boating, especially on the weekends....

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Common Insurance Claim Mistakes After Storms

There have been some large storms in the northern Indiana area over the last few weeks. With wind speeds over 60mph, many homes were damaged. Your homeowner's insurance policy is there to protect your home in the event...

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Protecting your Boat

With all of the large storms we have had over the last week or two, we thought it would be good to address how to protect your boat! Although nature can be unpredictable, here are some ideas on how to keep your boat...

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Fire Extinguisher Tips

A fire can be devastating to both a home and a business; however, many fires can be prevented by having easy access to a fire extinguisher. Many people have fire extinguishers, but often times they are old and no longer...

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Heavy Rain? Be on the Lookout for Heavy Damage

Your home protects you from the elements, but heavy rains can weaken that protection. With a little maintenance and a lot of vigilance, it’s not hard to stay safe and dry. Spring rainstorms are a fact of life in many...

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