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Hail Damage Insurance Coverage

During Memorial Day weekend, Missouri experienced a hail storm that included baseball and grapefruit-sized hail! Thankfully no one was injured, but hail of this size (or just about any size) can cause large amounts of damage to homes and cars. Here are some things everyone should know about hail damage coverage:

1. You need to have a comprehensive auto insurance policy.
Basic liability auto insurance is required by law in the state of Indiana, which covers injuries and damages in the event of an accident; however, comprehensive auto insurance is optional. Comprehensive auto insurance covers events, such as a tree limb falling on your parked car, or hail damage. If your car is parked outside and there is a hail storm, the damage done to your car by the hail will not be covered if you do not have a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

2. Comprehensive insurance gives your car glass coverage.
Another possible result of a hail storm is your car’s windshield getting cracked. This is a very common side effect of hail, so make sure you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage if you want to be completely covered.

3. Homeowner’s insurance policies usually cover hail damage.
Generally, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover hail damage, but it is always smart to check with your insurance agent before something happens. Know your policy. If your policy does cover hail damage, this would include damage to your roof, windows, siding, etc.

4. Know your deductible.
Most people understand what a deductible is. The homeowner would pay the cost of their deductible, and then the insurance company covers the rest. Something that not everyone understands is that your deductible could change for different incidents. This might include hail, so be sure to check your policy.

5. You may not get a whole new roof.
Just because your neighbor is getting a new roof, does not mean that you will. Many factors are involved in determining what will be replaced. If your roof is in poor condition, then insurance may not be able to cover your roof. The purpose of insurance is to cover damage caused at one time by an outside accident, not damage over a long period from wear and tear. Make sure you are properly maintaining your home so as not to impede any issues with claims in the event of real damages.

These are 5 things to consider about hail damage. We have talked about this many times across dozens of blogs, but talk to your insurance agency or agent. Make sure you understand the coverage your homeowner’s insurance policy includes.