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ATV Insurance Coverage

It is finally warm enough to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. For some people, this means hitting the trails with their ATVs and other off-road vehicles. These can be a blast, but before you head out there, read this blog and make sure you are protected.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover your dirt bike, golf cart, ATV, snowmobile, etc. It might, but in general you shouldn’t assume it does. Even if it does, it will not cover your toy once it leaves your property; however, there are solutions for this. You can actually get an ATV policy that will protect you and your vehicle. These items are essential to being completely covered.

Collision coverage

This part of the policy will cover you in the event of you hitting someone’s property, a tree, or another off road vehicle. Many of these ATVs can cost as much as a car, and cost a large amount to fix. The collision insurance will cover the cost of damages if something does happen.

Bodily injury coverage

ATVs and dirt bikes are a blast, but they can be dangerous, especially if you are riding in an uneven off-road environment. In Indiana you are not allowed to drive a car without liability coverage. The same thought process should apply to off-road vehicles as well. If you have a wreck and someone else is hurt, you could be responsible. Insurance will cover the cost of injuries.

Property damage liability

If you hit someone else’s property and cause damage, this is the part of the insurance policy that will protect you from the costs. Whether you hit a person’s car, home, buildings, fence, or anything else, these damages can be very expensive, and you won’t want to pay for them out-of-pocket.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is similar coverage to what most people have for their cars. This will cover theft or natural disasters. If a tree would fall on your ATV or if it was damaged in a storm, these would be covered. Theft is a very real consideration if you own a big toy, so make sure you have this coverage.

Ask your insurance agent if you are covered in these areas before you go out riding. Plan ahead and be safe!