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What To Do in a Hit and Run Accident

Being involved in a car accident is never an enjoyable experience, and we all hope it never happens to us. Possibly even worse than an accident, is a hit and run. Many of these include a parked car. Often, someone will come out of their house in the morning and have a big dent in the side of their car, or maybe a broken mirror.

While there are many reasons that someone might justify leaving the scene of an accident, but none of them excuse running from an accident. In the United States, it is a crime to leave an accident without contacting the authorities. If you are ever in an accident, no matter how small, always call the police. They provide an official report and this can protect you if you are not at fault in the accident. Generally, if someone flees the scene of an accident, they are identified as the person at fault; however, this is not always the case.

If you do not see the person that caused the accident, trying to find a witness is crucial. A witness could be someone walking by, a business owner, a neighbor, etc. If the accident happened in a large parking lot, such as a mall or a retail store, often times there will security cameras nearby. Take pictures of everything, including the damage and location, and document as much as possible.

Hopefully you will not have to deal with a hit and run, but they do happen, and it is always good to know what to do. The bottom line is, stay calm, and get as much information as possible. Having good auto insurance could mean that you will not have to pay for the damage. Talk to your insurer and make sure you are covered properly.