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Staying Healthy Before Vacation

After experiencing month of snow and cold, people can’t wait to get away on a spring vacation. Even though this winter has been mild in Indiana, people can’t wait to experience a place with warmer climate. If you are planning a trip, you have probably spent a lot of time planning and a lot of money on the trip. With that being said, the last thing you want is for you to come down with an illness right before or during your trip. Here are some tips to keep you and your family happy and healthy.


Exercise. There are many benefits to regular exercise like improved mood and weight management. Research suggests that even just moderate exercise a few days a week can also boost your immune system because they increase cells in your body that defend it against bacteria. Even just going on a short walk or riding your bike to work can keep you healthy.


Get a good night’s sleep. Seriously. This one is so important. If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, your immune system will become weaker. The recommendation for adults is to sleep seven to nine hours per night. If you aren’t getting proper sleep, here are some tips to help you sleep better.


Take vitamins. I know, you are probably getting flashbacks to your childhood where your mother is telling you to take your vitamins, but it is seriously beneficial. Vitamins and minerals support immune system health. But make sure to talk to your physician beforehand to make sure you are taking the correct kind of vitamins for you.


Avoid tap water. When you are actually on vacation, you should avoid drinking the tap water. This generally depends on where you go, but it’s best to just drink bottled water. Some tourist hot spots can have bacteria in the water.


Drink plenty of water. You might drink water regularly at work, but that could change while you are on vacation. Staying hydrated can be your best defense against germs. Things like alcohol, sun exposure, salt water, and caffeine can lead to dehydration. So it’s even more important to drink more than usual while you are on vacation.


Pack some disinfecting wipes. There may be some things that you might want to disinfect before you touch such as your seat on a plane. You never know when the last time certain things were washed. These wipes can prevent you from getting in contact with germs.