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Battling the Winter Blues

The winter isn’t always the happiest of times for people. While some people find the cold to be an excuse for warm blankets and hot chocolate, others see it as a sad time of year. The sun hides behind the clouds, the days are shorter due to daylight savings, and the cold weather keeps a lot of people from going outside. But overcoming the tendency to fall into low spirits can be great for your well-being and state of mind all year round. We want to do what we can to keep your head up and smile shining through all the winter months so here are a few tips.


Be social. Bundle up and brave the cold during the winter. Seeing other people and staying social with your friends and family can be a good way to keep yourself in high spirits. It may seem easier to sit at home in bed and stay warm, but talking to other people will help you feel less isolated when you have to spend more time inside. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy or anything, but you should at least plan a lunch date with a friend to keep you in a better mood.


Stay energized. While hibernating like a bear for the winter might sound appealing, especially if the snow starts to pile up, try to stay active instead. Staying active can help you not just physically, but also emotionally. If the weather gets to be too terrible and you don’t have a gym membership, just work out inside your home. There are many free options out there that will relieve tension within your mind and body.


Keep your mind engaged. Beat those pesky winter blues by keeping your mind engaged in activity. This is important to do all year-round, but it can be more difficult during the winter months. Find something that will both interest and challenge you at the same time instead of spending all of your time in front of a television screen.


Try something new. Find something that you have been interested in doing and take time to investigate it more during the colder months when you are likely to feel more cooped up than usual. Maybe try ice skating for the first time or take up an art class. Just have fun!


If none of these ideas work for you, don’t worry! The best thing you can do to stay positive during the winter is to stay fully energized and do the things that make you happy, whatever that may be. Whether that means grabbing a coffee with some friends or doing a brain-teaser, just make sure to keep yourself active in some way. This will keep you ahead of the game when spring-time comes around instead of falling behind.