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Don't Fall in Love too Fast

Don’t fall in love too fast. I know, I know. I probably sound like your mother when you were a teenager and brought home your first boyfriend or girlfriend. However, you need to face the facts. While your boyfriend or girlfriend probably didn’t break your bank, buying a new home with a lot of different issues most likely will. That’s why it is so important to get your home checked out by a home inspector before you buy it.


All too often, it’s the shiny features like granite countertops or brand new appliances that make us fall in love with a home. But as we all probably know, the inside doesn’t always match the outside. How are you going to know if this beautiful home has faulty wiring or foundation problems? You probably aren’t licensed to figure these things out, but a home inspector is.


It’s important that you get this new home that you fell in love with inspected as soon as you sign a purchase agreement, no matter if you are buying a fixer-upper or a brand-new home. This gives you less of a chance of being surprised by what your home does or does not have to offer.


Hopefully I have convinced you how imperative a home inspection is. So now you might be wondering what to ask and what to look for now that it is time to inspect your potential new home. Here are just a few important things to learn.


How do you find a good inspector?


When you are searching for a home inspector, you also need to ensure that the inspector isn’t cutting corners so that you don’t end up in a home with a lot of large issues. If you are using a realtor, they often have recommendations on inspectors to use. However, if that is something you aren’t comfortable doing, you can also go through the American Society of Home Inspectors to find someone that will meet the needs you have.


Educate Yourself.


Do your research. Don’t start the process in the dark. Learn the facts about home inspections and all the important questions you should ask a home inspector while they are going through your home. Keep in mind that home inspectors are only there to offer you an opinion on your home. They are not there to fix the problems.


It’s your decision.


At the end of the day, the inspector shouldn’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t buy a house. A home inspector is there to be objective and just report the facts. Ultimately, you must decide whether the problems found during an inspection are deal breakers for moving in.