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Last Minute Shopping

There’s almost always some last minute shopping that needs to be done before Christmas is here. That isn’t just true for your family either. It is true for most. That means that there is a lot of people out there traveling to the shopping centers, which opens you up to a lot more hazards then there are at other points during the year. Here are some tips on how to stay safe while you are out there doing your last minute shopping.


Watch out for distracted drivers and pedestrians. Shopping center parking lots are busier during the holidays. This means that you need to keep your eyes peeled because a lot of these other people might be distracted. They might not pay attention to you or stay observant when they are backing out of parking spaces. Don’t be one of these people either. Commit to keeping your phone down when you are driving or walking through a parking lot. If you are a parent, make sure to remind your children to be extra alert during the holidays, when conditions tend to be more of a challenge even for experienced drivers.


Make sure that every passenger in your car has a seat belt, car seat, or booster seat. Remember, safety first. Always buckle up. Every ride, every time, whether it is a trip down the street to the neighbor’s house or a long drive to visit your family. 73% of all car seats are not installed correctly, so make sure to check this out before you hit the road for the holidays. Here’s a simple car seat checklist to make sure it is installed correctly. It only takes fifteen minutes, and it could be the thing that saves the life of your child. Safety goes beyond your young children, so make sure that everyone in your car is buckled up correctly.


Expect the unexpected when driving on the road. Be prepared in case the unexpected happens. Have an exit strategy for the things you can prepare for. You never know what traffic is going to be like. There are times when you may have to stop abruptly. So keep hot foods, large gifts, and anything that can become a projectile in the trunk. You might also be headed to a party where you plan to be drinking alcohol. If that is a case, make sure you designate a driver beforehand so that you get home safely.


There are a million things that can go wrong during the holidays, but there are things that you can do to prepare for the unexpected. Do your research before you travel to ensure that you and your family stay as safe as you can possibly prepare for.