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Deck the Halls...Safely

Most of us enjoy Christmas time. We love the lights, trees, and Christmas music that we just can’t seem to stop singing. But before you lay out the cookies for Santa or rip open those presents under the tree, you should make sure that you are keeping you and your family protected during the Holiday season. Here are just a few tips on how to stay safe.


Hang by the chimney with care. Place Christmas trees and other greenery away from fireplaces and radiators. Christmas trees especially tend to be a fire hazard. They are involved about 400 fires each holiday season.


Check the lights. Approximately 1,300 people are treated each year in emergency departments for injuries related to holiday lights. Tree lights can have frayed wires, broken bulbs, and loose connections which can cause many injuries. Never string more than three sets of lights on an extension cord, and never run cords or strings of lights behind drapes or under carpets. You can also prevent hazards by turning off lights when you go to be, or at the very least have them on a timer.


Blow out the candles. Candles are very popular during this time of year, but they can also cause problems if they aren’t handled with care. Candles cause more than $170 million in property losses each year with about one-sixth of these happening during the month of December alone. So be careful. Place lit candles away from other decorations or drapes so they don’t start a fire. Make sure that if you have small children or pets that you are putting candles off of a place where they can easily be knocked over.


Shop ‘til you drop. This time of year there is an abundant amount of shopping going on to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, but many injuries can occur both to adults and children on shopping trips. If you are shopping with children, you need to teach them what to do to stay safe. Teach them to go to a store clerk or security guard if they somehow get separated from you. During this time of year, you need to be even more alert than usual.


Christmas is a time for family and celebration but official data shows that it is also one of the most dangerous times of year. There are hundreds of things you can do to prevent bad things from happening during the holidays, so it’s important to read up on the preventative measures you should be taking.