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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Keeping Your Home Covered

You may not think that you live in a flood zone, but the truth is that you can lives miles away from water and still be at risk for flooding. In fact, nearly 25 percent of flood insurance claims come from moderate-to-...

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Offering a Benefit Package

If you are a smaller company that can't afford to offer employees a sizeable salary to make the decision to work for you, there are other options that you still have. Offering your employees, a sizeable benefit package...

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Creating a Home Inventory List

You should always make a list of all the assets you have within your home to be able to present to your insurance company just in case the need was to arise. You might be wondering why a inventory list of is important,...

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Renters Myths

It's common for people not to get renters insurance if it isn't required for where you rent. But all properties are susceptible to damages, whether it be a fire, theft, or even just a broken appliance. People don't...

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Penalties of Driving Without Insurance

Every state varies in the requirements they have for drivers. However, one thing that isn't different is that there are penalties that come when you are driving without insurance. These penalties can have steep and...

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Device Insurance: Cover Your Personal Electronics With the Policy You Already Have

It seems everyone these days has a smartphone. Or a smart TV, a tablet, or an ebook reader. Or all of the above – and more. When you add it all up, you may find you have thousands and thousands of dollars tied up in...

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You Need Business Insurance

There is always an element of risk in our lives, but that doesn't mean that we should be ignorant, especially when it comes to the things that we care about. Let's face it, your business is important to you. You worked...

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