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Prepare for the Horrors

Halloween brings a lot of good things like pumpkin carving, cute kids in costumes, and haunted houses. However, sometimes the celebration gets a little out of hand and this is something that all homeowners should prepare themselves for. Before the zombies, witches, and superheroes make their way to your doorstep make sure that your home is protected from the other kind of horrors that Halloween brings.

Let's face it, Halloween brings out the pranksters in most of us. We spend the holiday trying to scare one another in any way possible. We want you to be able to focus on the good things that come from Halloween, and let us worry about the bad.

Sometimes pranksters damage your home when they decide to throw eggs at the siding on your house. Standard homeowners insurance policies cover vandalism when the cost to repair it exceeds your deductible.

Candles can also be an issue when it comes to Halloween. If the candles you put inside your pumpkin or the ones you put up to light the path for trick-or-treaters somehow started a fire that made your house unlivable, we got you covered. Your homeowners policy looks out for you while you wait for those repairs.

Kids like to run and play, especially when their body is full of sugar from all that Halloween candy. This might cause someone to get hurt on your property. Don't worry though, the liability portion of your homeowners insurance covers an accident such as this one. If you have a party and your guest injuries themselves on one of your decorations, we have that covered too.

You might be one of those people that goes to a party for Halloween. Driving your car down the street might be a more difficult task than usual because of all the trick-or-treaters that are on their endless quest for candy. Accidents happen, and you could crash your car in the process of avoiding running into one of these crusaders. This accident would be covered in the collision protection of your auto insurance if you purchased it. If you were unable to avoid hurting someone, that would also be covered. The liability insurance applies to such a situation and would pay the cost of the treatment as well.

Preventative Measures:

As previously mentioned, it is imperative to plan for horrors that could happen. There are preventative measures you can take to try to ensure that these horrors don't get to you. First of all, make sure to pick up anything that might block the path for trick-or-treaters like that large stick that you have been avoiding. Survey your yard for any potential trip and slip hazards.

Some of us use Halloween to scare the pants off people, which usually means dimly lit walkways to stay in that spooky theme. But this just increases the risk of an accident. Use your outside lights to avoid the chance of an injury. It's especially vital to use lights in the darkest areas of your yard. If you are not going to be home for the holiday, you should still keep lights on for safety. This can also dissuade unsavory people from vandalizing your home.

Candles and Halloween go hand and hand. You may be used to using them inside your jack-o-lanterns, but battery-powered lights can have the same effect. These can restrict the risk of starting a fire. You should also keep all matches and candles out of reach of children.

If you have a pet, you might want them to be involved in this holiday. But pets and candles definitely do not mix. Pets don't usually understand that fire is bad. They might get excited and knock over a candle. So it's very smart to keep those in higher places that your animal cannot reach.

You should always consider the candy that you decide to present to trick-or-treaters. A number of people out there have peanut allergies, which should be kept in mind when selecting candy. Even if a candy doesn't contain peanuts, it might be produced in a facility where peanuts are present. You can check the label on the bag for peanut allergy warnings. You might also avoid choosing candy that poses a choking hazard for toddlers.

A lot of people choose to not be home for Halloween.Whether you are going to a party or just going trick-or-treating with your children, you might decide to put out a bowl of candy. However, this should be avoided. While this might feel like the right things to do, anything could happen to that candy while it isn't attended. It is probably unlikely, but it isn't worth the risk.

It won't be long before you are greeted by those happy shouts of “Trick-or-Treat!” We want to make sure you are prepared. Don't be haunted by the knowledge that you could have prevented an accident.