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Home Insurance for Second Houses

A second home is often used for vacationing or getting away from the everyday life. They are used to make us feel relaxed and stress-free. This is why having home insurance on your second or seasonal house is necessary. It is nice to have that assurance that your home away from home (and all other valuables) are protected and safe.

Covering Two Homes

Many home insurance companies will not cover both your main house and second home under one policy. Talk to your agent to verify if they can cover both houses simultaneously. Most often, though, you will need a separate policy to cover both. Second houses pose different threats. Here are some of the differences that your get-away home has apart from your main home:

  • Long periods of time with no occupants
  • Seclusion from emergency services or fire hydrants
  • Guests renting out your second home

Since there are differences between your each property, there are going to be different policy options for your second home insurance. Here are some coverage options to take into consideration when choosing home insurance for your second home.

Personal Property

Having a second household usually involves having other recreational activities in the specific area of your house. Many second homes are used for vacationing on a lake or somewhere in the mountains. Personal property like water skis, sun loungers, snowboards, bicycles, or other fun items are at your second property. Make sure that these extra items are covered in your second home insurance policy. While many second homes are seasonal, theft and burglary can become an issue.

Flood Insurance

Your second home being close to a lake or other waterfront can make it more susceptible to flooding. Many standard home insurance policies do not cover flood insurance, so take a deeper look into your policy or get in contact with an agent.

Umbrella Coverage

If an injury would happen on your property, umbrella coverage in home insurance can protect you from a lawsuit. It can cover you at your primary home, secondary home and other places you might go.


As you are adding on to your home, make sure that your home insurance policy is keeping up with what you are adding. Adding items like pools or fences can change your policy, so talk to your agent to keep an updated home insurance policy.

Rental Home Insurance

Renting out your home can bring in a good amount of revenue. Disasters like hailstorms or explosions can leave your rental unable to be occupied, which leaves you without that extra income. Rental home insurance can help you be reimbursed for the lost revenue.

Ways to Save on your Second Home Insurance

  • Having a central alarm system for fire and burglary
  • Having a property near a water source
  • Ask your home insurance agent about other ways to save like paying your premium on time or having other safety precautions.

Be sure to take a look into coverage for other bigger items like boats or motorcycles. Along with these items there might be outbuildings or detached garages. Be sure to get in contact with your agent or give us a call to find out more about second home insurance.