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Biased Tips for a Great Life

Below is a completely biased list of tips to better help you live a great life. Some are common and mundane while others are more strange. However, they're all tied together in that they will, I believe, help you live a great life. 

1. Workout everyday. 

2. Read either the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, or Washington Post everyday.

3. Believe in your capacity to succeed. 

4. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. 

5. Learn HTML and CSS.

5. Be an Excel expert. 

6. Love your family.

7. Don't have kids before you can financially support them. 

8. Always travel far and wide, not short and narrow.

9. Travel often. 

10. Spend an extended time in another culture at some point.

11. Learn to golf.

12. Learn to swim.

13. Learn to drive a manual transmission.

14. Don't take too many selfies. 

15. Always work harder.

What are your tips for a great life?


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