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Fourth of July Safety

The Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate and have a good time with friends and family. However, activities commonly associated with celebrating it also pose a great number of hazards, such as grilling, bonfires, fireworks, boating, and more. To ensure that there is no disaster to put a damper on your celebrations, it it important to remember to be safe. 


Fireworks are a great deal of fun yet are also very dangerous at the same time. To enjoy fireworks in a safe manner, you should:

  1. Use legal fireworks.
  2. Light fireworks one at a time.
  3. Move away quickly after lighting fireworks.
  4. Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other mishap.
  5. Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not fully igmoted.
  6. Never allow children to play with or ignite fireworks. 


Grilling is a staple of celebrating the Fourth of July. To cook up lots of tasty food and prevent danger, it's improtant to be safe though. These tips provide a general safety guideline for grilling:

  1. Propane and charcoal grills should only be used outdoors.
  2. The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings, and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the grill area. 
  4. Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grills and in trays below the grill.
  5. Never leave your grill unattended. 
Bonfires are great way to relax and enjoy time with people you care about. However, it is an open fire, which poses a number of hazards. To mitigate the risk of disaster, here are several safety tips:
  1. Never light the fire with a flammable liquid.
  2. Pour water on the embers of the fire before leaving the bonfire at the end of the gathering. 
  3. Keep everyone well back from the fire and ensure that children are supervised at all times. 
  4. Do not allow fireworks to be anywhere near the fire. 
  5. Do not allow any types of aerosol cans near the fire as they are flammable. 
  6. Do not leave the fire unattended. 
  7. Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case of emergencies. 
With just a little bit of safety planning, you can ensure that this Fourth of July will be as great as it can be!


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